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Liquor Liability

If your business deals with the production, trade, or sale of alcoholic substances, it is vitally important you’re protected against liabilities with quality liquor liability insurance.

General Liability 

Ensure your business stays operable and profitable in the face of any liability claim, whether you’re a boutique hotel, fine dining restaurant, or large bakery.

Property Insurance (Including Windstorm!)

Be confident your property and physical assets are completely covered should they be stolen, damaged, or destroyed due to theft, windstorm, fire, or other natural disasters.

Business Income

Have peace of mind knowing no income nor expected revenue will be lost should your business property become unusable for a period of time due to a fire or other disaster.

Flood Insurance

This specialty coverage will protect your property against the financial costs incurred by flooding damage due to rising water and storm surge.

Umbrella & Excess Liability

Umbrella & Excess coverage provides an extra layer of protection on top of your other policies (such as liquor liability, general liability, or commercial auto) to ensure your business is thoroughly covered where it’s most needed.

Equipment Breakdown 

Should you experience equipment- or machinery-related breakdowns or accidents, this pragmatic coverage will give you confidence knowing your business is protected.

Spoilage Coverage

If you serve or store food, protect yourself from the financial losses incurred when forced to throw out perishable stock that’s damaged due to equipment failure or power outage. 

Power Outage Coverage

Reduce the stress associated with power outages and quickly recover your losses should your business operations and property be negatively affected. 

Assault and Battery Coverage 

If your establishment serves alcohol, employs a security team, or has a lot of foot traffic it’s vital you protect yourself against confrontations that occur on your property with the right conflict coverage.

Coverage for Off-Premises Events

Accidents are an especially poignant risk during special events off-premises where you have less control — coverage for off-premises events will provide the essential protection.

Products/Completed Operations Coverage

Protect your business against claims resulting from food-related illness by ensuring you’re covered whether the food you sell is consumed on-premises or elsewhere.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA)

If you rent or borrow vehicles for business use, HNOA insurance is a necessary and wise investment that will help you avoid costly lawsuits caused by accidents.

Commercial Automobile

Whether you’re a hotel with a shuttle service, a bakery with retail drop-offs, or a restaurant with delivery services, commercial automobile coverage will protect your vehicles and employees from the unexpected.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance will help to protect your business against costs associated with medical bills and lawsuits if one of your employees suffers onsite injury or illness.

Additional Services

Claims Handling

Our knowledgeable claims team is dedicated to making the claims process easy and straightforward so you can have peace of mind when you need it the most. 

Risk Management Services

We offer personalized risk management services designed to assess risk, mitigate hazards, and proactively strengthen your business against losses. 

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